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Sexpert debunks common myths about vagina – from the hymen to self-cleaning

Mia Sabat, a sex therapist at Emjoy, debunks common myths about female genitals on Vagina Appreciation Day – including that there’s no such thing as a tight vagina


Bodybuilder cancels wedding to sex robot due to coronavirus pandemic

A bodybuilder who planned to marry a sex doll has had to postpone his plans. The loved-up man says the event will be bigger and better once the health crisis is over


Doctor issues coronavirus warning regarding condoms use and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on social lives around the globe as people practice social distancing. Here we take a look at whether condoms can really protect you against COVID-19


World’s most elite sex club cancels A-list orgy due to coronavirus fears

The world’s most elite sex club has cancelled a kinky party because of the coronavirus outbreak. A-list guests will have to postpone their orgy plans while fears are rife


World’s leading sex doctor ‘transforming lives’ with VR ‘erotic sex tech’

Dr Mafe Peraza Godoy, known as the Clit Whisperer, has spoken to Daily Star Online about the next technology in sex which could change people’s love lives forever


Porn star Riley Reid says ex didn’t want to kiss her and admits industry can be ‘lonely’

Porn star Riley Reid spoke about her relationship status. The adult actress said the industry can be ‘sad and lonely’ and make dating very difficult


Ashley Madison secrets exposed: Mistress prefers dating married men to relationships

Elizabeth, who is in her 40s, has lifted the lid in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online on her sex life and relationships with married men she meets on Ashley Madison


Mum lifts lid on bedroom ‘issue’ with husband – and details how they have sex

Jessica Hood, a mum-of-four, has revealed there’s something she won’t let her husband do in the bedroom after spilling details on the couple’s sex life


Inside the world of ‘tentacle porn’ where fetish fans get ‘the ultimate group sex’

Devlin Wylde, the leading producer of audio porn, has dished the dirt on the latest trend called tentacle porn in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online


Sexpert lifts lid on best ways to boost libido – and they work for men and women

If you’re hoping to boost libido, listen up. You can increase your sex drive by following sex tips outlined by Nadia Bokody