My boyfriend says that I am weird as I only like having sex in my own bed. Not only that, but I hate sleeping in strange beds. It all started a couple of years ago when I stayed in a luxury hotel here in London with a former boyfriend of mine. The hotel had an infestation of bed bugs, and I ended up getting really badly bitten. I was forced to see a doctor and take a couple of weeks off from London escorts at Ace Sexy Escorts. When I went back to work at London escorts, I had this hang up about sleeping and having sex in strange beds.


It is not really the sort of thing that you go to a therapist with. One of the gents I date on behalf of London escorts, says that it is kind of a mental blockage and that I should see a therapist. Well, I can see his point, but I am not sure what I would say. I think that I would actually be a little bit embarrassed talking about my problem. My friends at London escorts can totally understand why I have such a problem with sleeping in strange beds. After all, they saw me after the incident and know what I had to go through.


Why are there so many bed bugs in London? One of my absolute favorite gents at London escorts, is a business man who travels to the United States a lot. He told me that almost every hotel in New York has bed big problem, and you are warned about it. It is not only hotels, but private homes have the same problem. Bed bugs can get into your suitcase, and in fact travel home with you. The thought of that really freaks me out and I must admit that I look at the American gents I meet at London escorts to see if they have any bites.


I don’t have any bed bugs in my apartment as I had it totally fumigated after the event. The doctor said it was unlikely that I would get an infestation in my flat, but I threw everything away which I had worn that weekend including the suitcase I had brought along. Since that time, I have sort of been gripped by this cleaning bug, and when I have a day off from London escorts. I spend a lot of time cleaning my flat. In all honesty, I cannot have a day out with my London escorts any more unless I have done certain things.


Yes, I know that it is nuts, and I should really ask for some help, but just the very fact that I was bitten by bed bugs makes me embarrassed. It is funny how you can end up getting hang ups about certain things and they start to play on your mind. If you want to protect your home from bed bugs, you should vacuum and change your bedding often. I have told all of the girls at London escorts about the London bed bug epidemic, and I hope that they are protecting themselves. Yes, I know that you can go over the top, but trust me, it is better than getting bitten