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Mum lifts lid on bedroom ‘issue’ with husband – and details how they have sex

Jessica Hood, a mum-of-four, has revealed there’s something she won’t let her husband do in the bedroom after spilling details on the couple’s sex life


Inside the world of ‘tentacle porn’ where fetish fans get ‘the ultimate group sex’

Devlin Wylde, the leading producer of audio porn, has dished the dirt on the latest trend called tentacle porn in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online


Sexpert lifts lid on best ways to boost libido – and they work for men and women

If you’re hoping to boost libido, listen up. You can increase your sex drive by following sex tips outlined by Nadia Bokody


Britain’s best cities to get lucky – top 10 towns for first date sex unveiled

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we look at the best options for the UK’s singletons to get loved up on the most romantic night of the year


Mum makes brutally honest confession about sex with husband after giving birth

Jessica Hood lifted the lid on her sex life since having kids. The Melbourne mum-of-four shared the lengths she goes to for some love under the sheets


New Year sex bucket list – including number one fantasy all Brits want to try

The votes are in! The saucy New Year bucket list has finally been revealed and it features some very kinky adventures


Three ways to turn a woman on without touching her, according to a sexpert

Nadia Bokody shared her sex tips on YouTube. The relationships expert outlined three tips for turning women on without using your hands


Does sex count as cardio? Eye-opening questions Brits asked Google in 2019 unveiled

These are the most bizarre sex questions Brits asked Google in 2019. One of the most funniest questions was “can you get pregnant from kissing a potato?”


Sex robots to ‘terminate’ jobs for porn stars as demand soars for ‘bot flicks’

Tiffany Watson, a 24-year-old porn star, has exclusively opened up about the industry and what sex robots will do to adult video actors


Women more likely to get ‘glamboozled’ than men – 60% fall victim to sex trend

The sex trend has been around for a while but women are more likely to get “glamboozled” than men – here’s why