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I started to work in Wimbledon about two years ago

This meant having to move from my home in Hampshire. My girlfriend had promised that she would change her job and move up with me, but this never happened. Instead she met another bloke back down in Hampshire and they are now living together. I was really disappointed in her and I felt betrayed. A little while afterwards I went off women and stopped dating the girls in the office. Then one of the blokes in the office had a birthday bash with party girls, and I ended up meeting Wimbledon escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/wimbledon-escorts. Before I knew it I was hooked. Now, I only date Wimbledon hot babes.

The problem is that I have become addicted to Wimbledon escorts. A few months ago I might have gone up to see my mom and dad in Hampshire but now I would much rather date hot escorts in Wimbledon. I have not been home for four months now, but how can I tell my mom and dad that I duo date at weekends? They wouldn’t even know what duo dating is or what you do. As a matter of fact, they would think that something has gone really wrong.

It could be that something has gone wrong. I am not quite the guy I used to be. For some reason I have joined the rest of the young lads in the office and become a bit of a party animal. It is true that we all earn really good money and can afford our Wimbledon escorts habit. However, looking at it, I don’t think it is a very good lifestyle. When we are not dating, we tend to party a bit too hard. We go to lots of clubs and pour too much alcohol down our throats. It is really not what I am all about.

Looking at the complete picture, I think that I need to take stock of my life and find out what I really need. Wimbledon escorts are great but I can’t carry on like this. My mates are encouraging me to spend my increasing bank balance on more escorts and partying. Yup, I am earning more money that I could dream of but I would like to do something real with it. There are times when I don’t think that the personal values of my friends are the same as mine.

I have decided to change a little step by step. First of all I am going to start going home to see my mom and dad every other weekend. After that I am going to buy myself a cottage in the village, I like our village and there are some nice people in the village that I like. The next step will be to stop dating Wimbledon escorts and try to disassociate myself from some of the chaps at work. I will join a gym instead and perhaps a club where I can meet nice girls with the same interests as mine.…


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